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My credit card was charged, what’s happening?

Congrats! You just paid the first-month business address charges including mail forwarding method. The charge may also include a one-time setup fee. Now you will be charged only once a month, and you are ready to use the address after you provide 1583 form notarized back to your host.

Your credit card will be charged according to your subscribed plan. Your account will be charged the total subscription charge monthly.
Set up fee

There may be a one time set up fee by the host; it will be charged at the first billing cycle. Set-up charge includes Mailbnb service fee.
Service fees

A small Mailbnb service charge is essential since it allows us to improve ourselves by proposing necessary changes to have the ability to optimize our service continuously. A service charge of 14% will be added to your total net service plan price, to guarantee the best service possible and cover you in case of any problems.
My credit card did not work?

If you receive an error message when entering your credit card information, be sure to contact your bank as they may have blocked payment for security reasons.
Who processes my credit card?

Stripe processes all payments.
Do I get a monthly invoice?

No, the services are prepaid, and your credit card is charged a monthly subscription fee.
How to change a service plan I already paid?

If you want to downgrade your plan, it will take effect on next month, upgrade at any time.
How do I cancel the service?

You have agreed to the term, which is either 3, 6 or 12 months. After the time you can cancel without any penalties. However, the cancellation policies set up by the host, you may not receive a 100% refund, and Mailbnb fees are retained.
For example, if you have subscribed for 12-month term, and you want to cancel the service before the 12th month is over, you should contact your host about the cancellation. If you fail the pay the subscription fee, normally after 30 days later your mail will be no longer forwarded to you by your host nor you can pick them up.
When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged at the time of online payment. However, sometimes banks may be longer than others, this can vary between countries and banks.
What are the payment methods?

To confirm your subscription, you can pay online with your credit card.
What are the different types of cancellation policies?

Before you book, take the time to look at the various details of the listing, such as the cancellation policies set up by the host. Warning: Mailbnb fees are always retained.
My term is over, and I still get charged?

After the term is over, the charges continue automatically on the month-to-month basis. You may cancel the service by giving a 30-day notice.
Force majeure: guest cancellation

We regard as force majeure:
  • Death
  • Natural disaster in the country of rental
  • Political instability in the country of rental