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How is the total subscription price determined?

The price is charged in full once you check out.
Monthly business address price

Monthly business address rate decided by the host.
Set up fee

Fee is charged by some hosts to cover the cost of setting up their service.
Mail forwarding charges

Handling fee charged by the hosts for handling and forwarding your mail.
Costs determined by Mailbnb

Mailbnb service charge: Guest service fee charged for all subscriptions, to help Mailbnb run smoothly and offer 24/7 customer support.
Local taxes for hosting in the U.S.

In Texas and Florida, hosts should check the taxes for the mail management services. Please, consult your account.
When will my card be charged?

You’ll be charged for the total cost of your subscription when the subscription purchase is confirmed. If your host is asking a setup fee, it will be charged once and at the same time your start your service. Later you get charged once a month your recurring monthly subscription cost.
Do I get a receipt?

Your billing receipt is more of a summary of your subscription. The receipt includes:
  • Detailed address of the business address
  • Start date
  • Service term
  • Currency of prices
  • Business address price
  • Mail forwarding method and price
  • Service fee
  • The monthly recurring charge
  • Setup fee
When will I get paid?

The hosts get paid directly in three to five days after the purchase.
How do you round up the numbers?

Our system processes whole numbers for the monthly business address price and two decimals for all the others. For example, the host prices $99.99 for the monthly business address, it will show $100, or $99.49 would show as $99. The totals are rounded to the nearest whole amount.
What are the service fees?

Service charges are calculated from the subscription subtotal. The subtotal is the full price of the reservation before service fees have been added.
Guest service fee

We add a percentage-based fee for the total subscription charge.
Set up fee, if any, includes the service charge.
This helps us to operate the best services for you.
You’ll see the exact amount in the price breakdown on the checkout page before you confirm and pay, and on your billing receipt.
If you cancel your subscription, the service fee is non-refundable. If your service is canceled by the host and you choose to be refunded, the service charge will be refunded in full.
Host service fee

We deduct a service fee from host payouts every time a subscription is made on their list. This helps us cover the cost of processing the payments fees.
You will see the exact amount on your customers’ confirmed subscriptions.

There is no VAT in the United States. Depending on the country of residence of the host or guest, VAT is likely included.