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US Income Tax

The hosts in the United States may be subject to US income taxes. We may collect your taxpayer information, to assist with US tax compliance.
US domestic corporations (including US persons) may fill out a Form W-9. The hosts who have earned over $20,000 and had more than 200 customers, we will provide a Form 1099-K.
Non-US persons who have submitted a Form W-8

Hosts with US sourced earnings who have filled out a Form W-8 will be provided a Form 1042-S.
The IRS requires that we mail forms by the end of March.
You can learn more about how the IRS classifies taxpayers for US tax purposes at
Local Tax

If you determine that you need to collect the tax, include them on your monthly business address price. In the United States, the states of Florida and Texas only require State taxes on virtual office services.
Value Added Tax

VAT is included in all Mailbnb countries in the EU, Switzerland, and Norway.
Mailbnb must collect VAT on its service fees in countries that tax Electronically Supplied Services.
Guests and VAT

VAT is always charged at the time of each subscription payment.
Hosts and VAT

VAT will be surely deducted from your payout.