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The Basics

e-Residency gives you the ability to apply for a particular resident in the country, even though you don’t live there.
You will receive a government-issued smart ID card that provides digital identification and authorization when you sign up for e-Residency. Now you can digitally sign important documents, access secure services, and make secure transactions – and you don’t have to live in e-Residency country.
For example, the service would allow a Chinese entrepreneur to start a company in the e-Residency country that he runs from New York to serve his customers based in France. He can also use his digital signature to sign contracts, open bank accounts, etc. all remotely.
BUT a guest musts use a local address. If you live in the EU country, where Mailbnb offers services, you can become a host and start earning money by renting your address. The guests never come to your home.
Is it possible to become a resident host in the USA?

If all your offerings comply with the local laws, why not? A resident agent, also known as a registered agent is a business or individual designated to receive legal documents for the company. Some resident agent also give services to private individuals. Every company is in the US must have one registered or resident agent.